[Academic Achievements] Routledge Publishes Professor Wu Dan's Book Cross-device Web Search

The English academic bookCross-device Web Search, written by Professor Wu Dan of the School of Information Management, was recently published by the internationally renowned publisher Routledge and distributed globally. The book has important reference value for the development of library and information, computer science, and management science, and will also play an important role in promoting research in the fields of information retrieval technology, information search behavior, and human-computer interaction.

This book is the first academic work related to the research of cross-device search behavior. It conducts a comprehensive study of cross-device search behavior, and models and analyzes user behavior characteristics to explain the motivation behind cross-device search behavior. The book uses methods such as system design, user experiments, and qualitative and quantitative analysis to correlate conceptual models related to cross-device search and determine cross-device search topics. By using multi-channel technology, it comprehensively excavates users' interactive behaviors such as touch and eye movements in cross-device search contexts, conducts multi-dimensional modeling of user behaviors, and predicts users' cross-device search performance. In addition, the book also introduces the design and development of a system that supports cross-device network search, and its application in the practice of network information services.

It is learnt that Routledge is affiliated to the world's leading Taylor & Francis Group, which was founded in 1798 and is the world's largest e-book publishing group. Founded in 1851 and headquartered in the United Kingdom, Routledge is the world's largest academic publishing house in the humanities and social sciences, and one of the best of its kind. It once published works by important thinkers and scientists such as Russell and Einstein.

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