The National Social Science Fund's Major Project "History of Chinese Religious Literature" was Rated "Excellent"

Recently, the National Social Science Fund Major Project "History of Chinese Religious Literature" (15ZDB069), hosted by Professor Wu Guangzheng of Wuhan University's Research Center for Chinese Religious Literature, was rated as "Excellent".

At the appraisal meeting of the project, experts pointed out that the project has five major advantages: firstly, it has a profound accumulation, which has laid a good foundation for the successful completion of the project; secondly, it has made remarkable achievements in teamwork; thirdly, it showcases the magnificent structure and rich connotation of Chinese religious literature history; fourthly, it has both academic value and social value; fifthly, it has a significance of filling academic gap. Experts agree that the project of History of Chinese Religious Literature is an excellent academic achievement.

The final academic results for the "History of Chinese Religious Literature" project consist of two series, with a total of 11.6 million words. The first series is "History of Chinese Religious Literature", it has about 8.15 million words for a total of 25 books in 12 volumes, which reviews in a comprehensive manner the historical process of Chinese Taoist literature, Buddhist literature, Christian literature, and Islamic literature according to religious sects, different languages and time periods. The second series is about the history of Chinese religious literature research, with a total of 7 volumes of about 3.45 million words, which summarize and translate the research on Chinese religious literature at home and abroad for the past one hundred years.

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