Professor Zhao Shiju and Professor Huang Xiaochun from the College of Chinese Language and Literature Attended the 3rd ILCE

The 3rd China Beijing International Language and Culture Expo (ILCE), supported by the National Language Committee, the China Foreign Languages Bureau, and the China National Commission for UNESCO and organized by the Beijing Municipal Language Commission, was held in Beijing on October 23-27. The theme of expo is “Language makes the world more harmonious and civilization more excellent”, more than 1,000 experts, scholars and business people from more than 50 countries have participated in the event.

Professor Zhao Shiju, Director of the National Institute of Chinese Language matters and Social Development, and Associate Professor Huang Xiaochun, Director of the Information Resource Office of the National Institute of Chinese Language matters and Social Development, are invited to participate in a series of important activities.


At the China Language Industry and Language Service Forum, Professor Zhao Shiju was invited to give a report entitled "The Market Path of Language Capital", expounding the definition, nature and function of language capital, and pointed out that due to the in-depth development of information technology, language technology and artificial intelligence technology, the function and value of language has been promoted continuously. Language capital has a wide range of uses in the human resources market, language education market, language technology market, language resource market and language information resource market.

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