Wu Genyou from the School of Philosophy attended the BIBF Asian Civilization Cooperation Publishing Initiative

On August 21, 2019, the Asian Civilization Cooperation Publishing Initiative was held in Beijing. Professor Wu Genyou, Dean of the School of Philosophy of Wuhan University and Dean of the Institute for Studies of Civilization Dialogue, attended the Initiative and gave a keynote speech on behalf of the higher education institutions.

The event was hosted by China Publishing Association, International Publishers Association and China Publishing Group. It is an important part and phased outcome of the 2019 International Publishing Enterprise Forum. The purpose of this activity is to strengthen publishing cooperation in the Asian region, promote academic research and achievement writing of Asian civilization, and build a dialogue platform between Asian civilization and Western civilization. More than 200 domestic and international publishing executives and representatives from15 countries and region attended the forum.


Dean Wu Genyou described his vision of the ideal blueprint for "civilized Asia" and emphasized the important role of the publishing industry in knowledge dissemination, cultural exchange, and concept sharing. He believes that the Asian concept should emphasize the coexistence of multi-cultural and peaceful Asia, which seeks mutual promotion and common development. The exchanges and dialogues between Asian civilizations can promote the arrival of civilized Asia. In this process, we should seek dialogue between civilizations with an attitude of seeking common ground while reserving differences. When discussing the ideal blueprint for "civilized Asia", he believes that at least five aspects should be included: First, each nation state is politically independent; second, there is no war and hostility between Asian nations and countries. There are normal economic, trade, and cultural exchanges; third, Asian countries have relatively liberal political civilization; fourth, Asian countries have a good natural ecology; fifth, civilized Asia should cherish the fine cultural traditions of its own nation. It also respects the outstanding cultural traditions of other ethnic groups and maintains a tolerance and acceptance attitude towards people of different religions and different religious beliefs.

Wuhan University established the "Institute for Studies of Civilization Dialogue" in June this year, and is seeking to cooperate with the publishing industry to edit and publish a series of translations and research series of works on civilized dialogues, starting with dialogues and exchanges among Asian civilizations. And it is hoped that this conference will speed up the publishing process of this series of books and periodicals. He stressed that as a big country with a long history and cultural tradition, China should make its own unique contribution in the process of building "civilized Asia".

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