[Academic News]American Academician Sharon Dawes Gave a Speech on Digital Government Construction

On November 16th, at the 273th lecture of Luojia Forum, Sharon Dawes, an Academician of the National Academy of Public Administration, brought an academic report titled “Advancing Digital Government: The Research-Practice-Knowledge Connection”.

In her report, Sharon Dawes proposed the current digital government's problem: the speed of development of digital technology is way faster than the speed of government policymaking. The challenge of promoting digital government construction is not only the use of technology, but also the integration of policy, management and technology. She pointed out that an effective manager must have a clear understanding and familiarity with policies, management and technology, no matter in which field. The best managers must know how these three areas interact, how the knowledge of policy, technology, and management are connected, and how they can be better articulated to ensure that their capabilities are effectively improved.

Sharon Dawes combines the research results of the US think tank CTG (Center for Technology in Government) with her own work experience, and she believes that the purpose of digital government research is not only to generate new knowledge, but also to establish an effective link between research and practice. She said that the academic community should establish a relationship of mutual trust and cooperation with the government to help government managers and relevant researchers examine the relationship between the strategic possibilities of technology application and the interaction between technology and system. She also called on scholars to enter the government's management department, use their own practices to guide government management, and seek truth in practice, thus improving the level of government public service.

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