[Academic News] the National Research Institute of Health Medical Big Data of Wuhan University Unveiled

On October 28th, the unveiling ceremony of the National Research Institute of Health Medical Big Data of Wuhan University and the Health Medical Big Data Research Forum were held in Wuhan University.

With the purpose of serving national strategies such as “Healthy China” and “Digital China”, the Institute aims to promote and standardize the development of health medical big data applications, build a new national think tank, cultivate cross-border talents, tackle cutting-edge technological issues, and develop international cooperation.

Dou Xiankang, President of Wuhan University, introduced the foundation and advantages of Wuhan University from four aspects: national think tank, scientific research innovation, industrial development and talent training. He pointed out that those four aspects are not only the development direction and goal of the Institute, but also the key development content of Wuhan University.

Dean Mao Zhenhua released the research results of the China health industry development index project team. The index attempts to launch a health industry evaluation system in China, and publishes China's first comprehensive index of health industry development, as well as special indicators such as medical capacity, hospital operation, medical expenses, and private hospital development, providing scientific basis for objective evaluation of the development of China's health industry.

After the ceremony, the Institute held the first Health Medical Big Data Research Forum. Academics and industry experts gave speeches on topics such as medical technology development, health care big data, and health industry.

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