[Academic News] A&HCI Journal Comprehensive Literature and Culture Publishes Li Song's Academic Paper

Mapping Out Chinese Modernity and Alternative Modernity, an academic paper written by Li Song, Associate Professor of the College of Chinese Language and Literature of Wuhan University, was published in Volume 20 Issue 3, September 2018 inComparative Literature and Culture.

The article holds that Marxist aesthetics, as an important part of modern academic thought, occupies an important position in the academic history of Chinese aesthetics in the 20th century, and has had a major impact on the social transformation and ideological development of modern China. The study of modern Chinese Marxist aesthetics should be incorporated into the system of modern Chinese intellectual history research through the reference of Western Marxist aesthetics. Through the comparison between China and the West, studying Chinese Marxist aesthetics and paying attention to the aesthetics of modern China can provide new perspectives and methods for the study of alternative modernity of Chinese Marxist aesthetics, and provide important enlightenment for reflecting on Chinese thought and culture with international perspective.

Comparative Literature and Cultureis an A&HCI journal and a major academic journal in the field of international comparative literature, which is published by Purdue University Press.

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