[Scholar News] Professor Huang Zhixiong from the School of Law was Invited to the Expert Group Review Meeting of the UN University Module On Cybercrime

In the summer of 2018, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (hereinafter referred to as the “UNODC”) held a review meeting of the expert group on university module on cybercrime at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna. Professor Huang Zhixiong, Associate Dean of the School of Law, was invited to attend the meeting and reviewed the university module series on cybercrime compiled by UNODC.

In response to the global threat posed by cybercrime, UNODC has conducted cybercrime-related education and prevention in primary, secondary and university years according to its Education for Justice Initiative, including 14 University Module Series on Cybercrime.

During the meeting, Professor Huang Zhixiong put forward his own opinions on the revision and promotion of the relevant teaching modules, and his opinions were valued by theUNODC. During the three-day expert group review meeting, more than 20 experts from all over the world were invited to participate with an aim to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the first 8 teaching modules that had been completed, and to give suggestions and comments on the outline of the second batch of six teaching modules.

UNODC will continue its compilation, improvement and promotion of the university module series. These teaching modules and supporting materials will be provided free of charge to scholars from all over the world who have conducted or intend to conduct cybercrime-related undergraduate or postgraduate teaching, so as to help with cybercrime education and prevention worldwide.

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