[Academic News] "Quality Development" Chinese Enterprises - Employees Survey Results First Made Public

On September 6, Prof. Cheng Hong, Dean of the Quality Development Strategy Research Institute and Director of the China Enterprise Survey Data Center, published a research report on “Competition Policy and Enterprise Quality Development” at the 2018 Market Supervision and Management Forum. According to this report, the market environment for fair competition continues to be optimized, and the quality of development continues to improve.

The report pointed out that the more fair the competitive environment, the better the high-quality development; themoreactive the market activity, and the higher the value-added rate in high-quality development. In areas where sales growth of new market is relatively high, the value-added rate of products is on average 3.6 percentage points higher. The higher the degree of equality of market entities, the better the promotion of intelligent investment in high-quality development. In areas with higher justice and fairness scores, the proportion of industrial robots used is on average 22.2% higher. The higher the degree of market transparency, the more the capacity utilization rate in high-quality development can be improved. In areas with fewer administrative approval days, the capacity utilization rate is on average 6.4% higher. The higher the credit level of the market entity, the better the R&D intensity in high-quality development can be promoted. In areas with better intellectual property protection, the R&D intensity of enterprises is on average 12.7% higher.

The report recommends that by improving the fair competition market environment and promoting high-quality development, it is necessary to further enhance the international competitiveness of China's business environment, increase private enterprises, enhance the fairness of subsidies, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, standardize the government checks the appraisal, speed up the online approval process, standardize the labor protection policy, and improve the fairness of investment preferences.

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