[Academic News] Professor Ma Feicheng and Professor Li Gang Attended the 2018 DIS International Conference and Delivered Keynote Reports

From July 4th to 6th, the 2018 International Conference on Data Science Application and Social Innovation was held successfully at Nanjing University. The theme of this conference was “Empowering society with data and information technologies”, aiming to establish an open teaching and research platform, and promote effective communication and integration in data science, information science and related social sciences. 12 famous overseas professors and more than 20 top domestic experts were invited to attend this conference. Professor Ma Feicheng and Professor Li Gang were invited to attend the conference and make academic reports.

Professor Ma Feicheng, Senior Professor of humanities and social sciences of the Wuhan University, Dean of the Big Data Institute, and Chief Scientist of the Information Resources Research Center, delivered an academic report entitled “Knowledge Connection in Big Data”. Professor Ma pointed out that the value information (or knowledge) of big data mainly comes from the various relationships that exist among the things contained in it. In his report, he explained the connotation and characteristics of knowledge association in big data from the perspectives of theory and practice, summed up four typical knowledge association patterns existing in big data, and shared the best practice in the field of financial big data.

Professor Li Gang, Director of the Information Resources Research Center of Wuhan University and Changjiang Scholar, gave an academic report titled "Trinity World and Digital Space Construction." Professor Li Gang pointed out that connection of the trinity world, namely the physical world, human society and information space, is an effective perspective for analyzing urban space and an important basis for constituting urban intelligent data space. Based on the trinity world theory, Professor Li Gang proposed urban data portraits and provided insights for the construction of digital urban space.

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