[Academic News] Article Wrote by Prof. Li Gang in Guangming Daily has been Reprinted-Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences

[Academic News] Article Wrote by Prof. Li Gang in Guangming Daily has been Reprinted

Prof. Li Gang, Director of the Information Resource Research Center of our university, published in Guangming Daily an articleImplementing the National Big Data Strategy and Building Digital China, which was reprinted in full text by the 8thissue of Xinhua Digestin 2018.

This article is part of the research results of a National Natural Science Foundation of China's Major Project "National Security Big Data Information Integration and Analysis Method".

The article thoroughly explained the spirit of the speech made by General Secretary Xi Jinping during the second collective study on the implementation of the national big data strategy on December 8, 2017. By proceeding from the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech, he believes that it is of great significance of the times and scientific value to promote the strategy of big data at the national level, lay out a digital China blueprint and aggregate the social resources in the development of shared economy.

The article proposes a path to comprehensively promote the national big data strategy from six perspectives: strengthening the concept of big data resources, building a big data ecosystem, revealing the pulsing patterns of big data, incubating smart data, building a large data value chain network, and building digital China.


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