Xu Jie: Academic Positioning and Integrated Measures for Collection Exhibition and Exhibition Planning

On December 1, 2017, the 209th"Luojia Lecture", which was co-sponsored by the Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences and the School of History, was held at the Old Library in Yingding of Wuhan University. Xu Jie, Director of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, was invited to give a lecture entitled "Academic Positioning and Integrated Measures for Collection Exhibition and Exhibition Planning: Taking the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco as an Example."

Xu Jie believes that as a social and cultural phenomenon, museums and their collections should be based on professional academic research, and museums should explain the profound in simple terms to the audience so that the audience can appreciate works of art.

In terms of the academic positioning of collections display, the basic principle is to meet the needs of audiences with different backgrounds, interests and educational attainments by providing a multi-level and diversified interpretation based on academic research. Xu Jie offered different interpretations of works of art, triggering audiences to think.

In terms of the academic positioning of the exhibition planning, Xu Jie proposed that the particularity of culture in different regions should be thoroughly studied and represented; visual effects and audience participation are also important.

Xu Jie also made some suggestions on the positioning of the exhibition planning. On the one hand, planning activities should be connected to contemporary life, introducing unfamiliar cultures to audiences in a familiar manner, and on the other hand, it is necessary to reflect cultural exchanges and major international events in the exhibition. During the Q&A session, Xu Jie exchanged views with teachers and students on issues such as the people-oriented concept of the museum, overseas Chinese cultural relics, means of communication with audiences, and the choices of exhibition modes etc.

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