Fulbright Scholar Bill Berkeley Gave Lecture at School of Journalism and Communication of WHU

Since Trump's inauguration, verbal disputes between him and U.S. mainstream media have been nonstop. He publicly declared that reporters are "the most dishonest person on earth", accusing "media that produce fake news such as The New York Times, CNN, CBS, NBC are public enemy of the American people". As Trump himself said, he "is engaged in a continuing war with the U.S. media."

So what is the response from the U.S. media? How does the mainstream media continue to report Trump’s "Russian gate” incident? Mr. Bill Berkeley has been teaching international news as a visiting professor at Columbia University since 1999. Beginning in November this year, he will serve as Fulbright Scholar at the School of Journalism and Communication of Wuhan University.

The U.S. media is facing an unprecedented challenge: in the Trump era, the exploration of the truth is like a battle. When a reporter is on this battlefield, when can he/she call a lie “a lie”? How to distinguish facts from lies? On the other hand, when the "truth" becomes scarce, its value will once again be highlighted. Bill believes that the mainstream media are also now tearing down Trump's lies, "It is our Murrow Moment".

In the end, Bill expressed his expectation for the mainstream media in the future. It is expected that this will be the best time for investigating journalists. "No other president demonizes media more than Donald Trump does, but no other president can enhance the status of media reporters more than Trump does. Many more Americans now trust us. "

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