Professor He Lai and Professor Hao Lixin are Invited to Give Lecture at Changjiang Forum of WHU

In the afternoon of November 5, Professor He Lai from the School of Philosophy and Sociology of Jilin University, and Professor Hao Lixin, Dean of School of Marxism of Renmin University of China, two "Changjiang Scholars" awarded by Ministry of Education, were invited to give reports at the 30thlecture of Changjiang Forum of our university. They delivered brilliant academic reports under the theme of “Constructing Marxism Philosophical System with Chinese Characteristics: History, Reality and Future". This forum is jointly hosted by the Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences of Wuhan University and School of Philosophy.

Professor Wang Xinyan, Changjiang Scholar and Editor ofWuhan University Journal(Humanities, Philosophy & Social Sciences), chaired the forum and presented Professor He Lai and Professor Hao Lixin with the "Changjiang Forum" memorial certificate.

Professor He Lai started his report by talking about the combination of Marxist philosophy and China's reality, illustrating the necessity and feasibility of such a marriage. And he then expounded on how we should further develop the Marxist philosophical system with Chinese characteristics in the future.

Professor Hao Lixin's report discussed the issue of philosophy development in the context of "a new era." Based on the relationship between the social development in contemporary China and the Marxist philosophy in contemporary China, he reflected a series of questions in the process of the development of Marxist philosophy in China. It is pointed out that the central task of our time is how to uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. To answer this question, the philosophical circle should stand at the height of national history, socialism history and world history so as to grasp the rules of the times and pursue an all-round development of people and common prosperity.

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