Professor Fang Pengqian Lectures on "Progress and Evaluation of Chinese Public Hospitals Reform" in the Changjiang Forum of Wuhan University

On November 7, 2017, Professor Fang Pengqian, "Changjiang Scholar" awarded by Ministry of Education, Dean of the School of Health Policy and Management of Huangzhong Univesity of Science and Technology, was invited to give an academic report on "Progress and Evaluation of Chinese Public Hospitals Reform" at the School of Political science and Public Administration of Wuhan University.

Health has become a national strategic issue for the Party and state, and public hospitals are an important carrier to protect citizens' health. Therefore, the reform of public hospitals has become an important part of the medical and health system reform in our country. Professor Fang Pengqian reviewed the background of public hospital reform, introduced the progress of the reform, and explained its assessment and strategies of public hospital reform.

In the Q&A session, students came up with many questions, and Professor Fang answered them one by one. The atmosphere was very lively.

In the end, Professor Fang used Gorky's famous quote as the concluding remark for this lecture. "Those who like to complain are people who can not fight back, do not know how to work or do not want to work." And the lecture was very well received by the audience.

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