DIM was Invited to Attend the 80th ASIS&T Annual Meeting

From October 27 to November 1, 2017, the 80thAnnual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) was held in Washington, the United States.

Professor Zhang Xiaojuan, Executive Editor ofDIMfrom the School of Information Management in Wuhan University, and Dr. Ding Nian, editor ofDIM, were invited to introduce the new magazine Data & Information Management (DIM)to experts and scholars in the field of information science from all over the world.


The ASIS&T Annual Meeting is the leading international conference in the field of information science and technology, which aims at promoting research in information, human and technology related fields. The theme of 2017 ASIS&T Annual Meeting is "Connecting People with Information in Virtual and Real World", and the meeting has attracted top scholars and practitioners from around the world to share the latest research and ideas and to understand the status quo and future of the development of information science, building an international platform for exploring key concepts, innovating technologies, and promoting interdisciplinary information research.

DIMis the only domestic exhibitor

Authors of 3 TOP-RANKED PAPERS make representations

DIMparticipates in the welcome ceremony held by ASIS&T for participants and organizations

Call for Papers

During the ASIS&T conference,DIM staff members took the initiative to conduct in-depth exchanges with several top international iSchool deans, make arrangements with well-known scholars and experts in the field of information science for their contributions, and send out contributions invitation letter to all participants, thus demonstrating to the international academic circle thatDIM is an international and high quality journal with open topics selection and cross-platform cooperation possibilities.

Introduction toDIM

Data & Information Management (DIM) is an English journal published by De Gruyter, a world-renowned academic publisher, and sponsored by Wuhan University School of Information Management and Wuhan University Center for Studies of Information Resource. It focuses on interdisciplinary research of big data driven management issues, especially large-scale data sets of science / academics, government and business.

DIM adopts an open access mode, so that readers can obtain the full text for free firsthand, and 6 outstanding papers in the first volume will be selected and awarded with prizes.

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