Paper of Pan Min’s Team Selected ESI Hotpaper in Economics and Business Areas

According to the recently released ESI (Essential Science Indicators), Professor Pan Min from the School of Economics and Management and Shi Yingying, a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Economics and Management, published a paper inApplied Economic Letters (Volume 24, 2017), which was selected as a hotpaper in the ESI economy and Business Areas.

The title of the paper is “Evolutionary Dynamics of Social Tolerance in the Economic Interaction Model with Local Social Cost Functions”.

It is understood that studying the dynamic evolution of social tolerance by using economic interaction model is a new topic in economics and sociology in recent years. The paper shows that steady properties are closely related to group demography.

This research has expanded the dynamic evolution model of the existing social tolerance and has important application value in the fields of game theory and public policy effectiveness evaluation.

Being selected as ESI hotpapers means that this paper has some international academic influence in the field of economics, which also attracted a lot of attention from international counterparts.

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