Explore a New Path of International Cooperation-- A Review of the Cooperation between Wuhan University Institute of Quality Development Strategy and Stanford University

Professor Matilde Bombardini from the University of British Columbia is discussing with Cheng Hong’s team as well as teachers and students of the Institute

Professor Wei Shangjin from Columbia University conducts corporate research with teachers and students from the Institute



Recently, Stanford University China Research Center and Wuhan University Institute of Quality Development Strategy signed officially a long-term cooperation agreement, the two sides will be conducting full cooperation in paper, teachers and students exchange program and so on.

Based on the China Employer-Employee Survey (CEES) data, Wuhan University Institute of Quality Development Strategy has established a partnership with Stanford University. This survey was carried out under the initiatives of scholars like Cheng Hong, Dean of Institute of Quality Development Strategy, Li Hongbin from Stanford University, Albert Park from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Du Yang from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and it has achieved important progress. This is the first high-quality employer-employee survey data from a major developing economy, which is hailed as "miracle of economic research" by Professor Nicholas Bloom from Stanford University, and “a new milestone in the world enterprise survey” by the World Bank chief economist Professor Xu Lixin.

At present, the Institute has been conducting a series of researches based on the CEES data with Prof. Nicholas Bloom from Stanford University, Professor Takeo Hoshi, Prof. Jean Oi, Prof. Li Hongbin, Professor Wei Shangjin, a lifetime tenured professor of Columbia University, Professor Matilde Bombardini, from University of British Columbia, and editor of theJournal of International Economics, among other leading experts. Some of these researches have been gradually translated into specific research results, and began to produce paper. At the same time, the Institute also actively promotes the internationalization of CEES data, attracting interest from world's top enterprises for cooperation.

The Institute regards the "double first-class" requirement of Wuhan University as its basic task and vigorously promotes international development. It has established an international cooperation mechanism with world-class universities such as Stanford University, Waseda University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology etc., it has also published papers in top journals likeEconomic Outlookand so on. Professor Cheng Hong was invited to serve as guest editor for SSCI JournalInternational Journal of Conflict Management, and the first issue ofChina Economic Journalin 2017 published the research result of CEES.

The internationalization strategy of the Institute is also reflected in the system construction of the personnel team. It regularly sends young teachers and students to travel abroad to have in-depth exchanges and cooperation with well-known experts and scholars. Since the second half of 2016, the Institute has selected six teachers and students to visit Stanford University, and will continue to do so. A series of initiatives have been proposed to accelerate the pace of building a world-class research institute.




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