The Journal Bamboo and Silk was Launched

Bamboo and Silkis an English academic journal that is anonymously reviewed by international peer experts. It is edited by the Center for Bamboo Silk Manuscript of Wuhan University and published by Brill, an international publisher. The first issue was published in October 2017 (see

Bamboo and Silkis interested in the bamboo and silk manuscripts of the Pre-Qin Period, the Qin and Han dynasties and the Wei and Jin Dynasties. It mainly deals with textual criticisms and explanations, textual restoration, discussions of bamboo and silk manuscripts related content in the fields of society, politics, economics, legal systems, thinking, culture and language. It also publishes research papers, related review and book reviews, which reflect the latest discovery of Chinese bamboo and silk manuscript circle and the latest developments of international academic research. The journal is published twice every year, each containing about 180 pages. It uses the Chinese journalBamboo and Silk,which was first launched in 2006, as the basis, some papers in which have been translated for publication in this English journal, the journal also accepts unpublished English articles.

Professor Chen Wei from Wuhan University and Professor Edward L. Shaughnessy from the University of Chicago serve as editor-in-chief forBamboo and Silk. Professor Li Tianhong from Wuhan University is the executive editor, Rens Krijgsman and Liang Jing from Wuhan University, doctor Adam Craig Schwartz from Hong Kong Baptist University work as assistant editors. Li Jing from Wuhan University is the editorial coordinator. There is an advisory committee which is consisted of 12 senior experts, and there is an editorial board (including book review editors) which is consisted of 24 middle-aged experts, they come from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Israel and other countries, all of whom are leading scholars in the international academic circle of bamboo and silk manuscripts.Bamboo and Silkalso has its own translation team, which includes young scholars and doctoral candidates in world-class university studying this subject matter; all of them have good professionalism and language skills.

The first issue carried 7 papers, 4 academic reviews, 1 book review; the authors are from China, the United States, France, Japan and South Korea.


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