Professor Ning Lizhi and Deng Shemin were invited to attend

From June 3-4, 2017, China Intellectual Property Law Association Annual Meeting of 2017 was held in Beijing International Convention Center.

China Intellectual Property Law Association Annual Conference is an important event of intellectual property community and industry in China. The annual conference was sponsored by China Intellectual Property Law Association, organized by Renmin University of China, Institute of Intellectual Property, Renmin University of China, Beijing Sunshine Intellectual Property and Legal development foundation and so on. it has attracted the attendance of several hundreds of representatives from the Supreme People's Court Intellectual Property Office, the World Intellectual Property Organization China Office, the Singapore Intellectual Property Office and universities, law firms and enterprises.

One of the important tasks of this annual meeting is the general election, Professor Ning Lizhi from WHU was again elected as executive director, associate professor Deng Shumong was again elected as director.

The theme of this annual meeting is "Intellectual Property Protection and Innovation and Development in the Context of Globalization".

Professor Ning Lizhi delivered a speech in the first parallel session, he mentioned that in the Chinese mainland intellectual property law education, there are some tendencies: First, intellectual property education emphasizes the protection of intellectual property rights, restrictions on intellectual property rights are less emphasized. Second, we tend to focus more on the perspective of rights instead of the perspectives of interests. As a matter of fact, there are many things in the field of intellectual property, it boils down to competitive interests, if it is damaged, the comparative advantage will be disintegrated, therefore, it is necessary to maintain it as a competitive interest from the perspective of competition law, rather than the traditional intellectual property rights. Today, there is much talk about the protection of intellectual property rights and little talk about the interests of competition. Therefore, we should further strengthen the coordination and dialogue between intellectual property law and competition law. Third, we tend to talk about modern problems instead of traditional problems. Of course we need to talk about modern problems when it comes to intellectual property, but we cannot ignore traditional problems as well, actually some traditional issues are our strength and we should not sideline them and only study the strength of foreign counterparts. For the traditional things, we have to set the appropriate protection system, such as access control system, informed consent system, benefit sharing system, which have institutional feasibility, but we did not attach enough importance to them. Fourth, there were much talk about intellectual property investment, little talk about intellectual property output. Fifth, much talk was made in the number of intellectual property instead of the quality of intellectual property rights.

Professor Ning called on us to focus on the technical issues of intellectual property education, but also take an interest in the tendency of intellectual property education.

Professor Deng Shemin, Associate Professor of Wuhan University School of Law, made a report entitled "Adapting to the Times, Inheriting History and Compiling Intellectual Property as soon as possible" at the second session in the afternoon of June 3 - Intellectual Property and Civil Code. In his speech, he said that intellectual property rights should be compiled independently in the civil code and the reasons were elucidated from the two aspects of echoing the times and inheriting history. He believed that for any country to compile the code, they must consider their own national conditions and historical development, the compilation of our civil code is no exception, and it should be based on the thinking of local resources legislation.

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