42 Projects of WHU were Approved by the National Social Science Fund

2017 national social science fund annual project and youth project list has been officially released, a total number of 42 projects from our university were approved, including 2 key projects, 26 general projects, 14 youth projects, the total number of projects ranks among national top.

The two key projects are: "Research on Administrative Law of Environmental Risk Management Tools" by Qi Jianguang, "Comprehensive Evaluation of International Influence of Academic Achievements of Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences" by Yang Siluo.

Among the 26 general projects, the discipline of applied economics and law each occupies three; philosophy, theoretical economics, international issues, Chinese history, religion, Chinese literature, linguistics, journalism and communication each occupies two; Marxism-Leninism, world history, library, information and documentation science, management each occupies one.

Among the 14 youth projects, the discipline of law has three; Marxism-Leninism, library, information and documentation science each has two; philosophy, political science, sociology, Chinese history, Chinese literature, journalism and communication, management each has one.

The National Social Science Fund Project is one of the most watched research projects in the field of philosophy and social sciences.

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