Seminar on the Construction of International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences was Held in Wuhan University

On May 18, 2017, Seminar on the Construction of International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences was held in the School of Law of Wuhan University.

In the meeting, participants carefully summed up the situation of publications development in the past year. Among them, the responsible person forGlobal Health Research and Policy andChinese Sociological Dialogue introduced the development of the journal over the past year in terms of influential indicators such as contribution quantity, rate of contribution adoption, download reference and so on, as well as how to further improve the impact of journals in the next period of time. The responsible person forChinese Journal of Environmental Law, Bamboo and Silk, Data Analytics and Management,which will come online soon, introduced preparatory work from the perspectives of editorial team set up, journal positioning etc.

Dr. Jiang Qin from Brill, De Gruyter and BMC gave a special report on how to enhance the international influence of English journals and attract high-quality contribution, and elaborated on the selection criteria of WOS, Scopus and other major academic databases journals, which served as a guidance for our school to build high level international journals.

The meeting held that the construction of high-level international journals is an important force to promote the development of humanities and social sciences in our school and to build an international high-end academic exchange platform. All schools should establish a high-level editorial team with both a wide academic perspective and good English capability. We should give full play to the strength of international editorial board and increase the international promotion of publications. At the same time, efforts should be made to enhance brand awareness, and actively explore the sustainable long-term mechanism of international journals.

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