The International Liaison Department of the Central Committee of the CPC Visited WHU for Boundary Research Management Work

On May 10, Luan Jianzhang, Director of the Research Department the International Liaison Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, and his colleagues came to Wuhan University. Deputy Party Secretary of WHU Shen Zhuanghai welcomed them and gave a brief introduction to the humanities and social science research of WHU and Collaborative Innovation Center for Territorial Sovereignty and Maritime Rights. Hu Dekun, director of Wuhan University China Institute of Boundary and Ocean Studies, gave a detailed introduction to the research field, development process, operation mechanism, personnel training, team leader and academic leaders, landmark achievements, participation in public diplomacy and civil diplomacy of the Institute.

The Institute was established in March 2007 and is the only comprehensive interdisciplinary research institution in China that specializes in border theoretical research, border management practices and border management personnel training. A group of important advisory reports have been highly appraised by the central leaders which have explored new evidences that can prove Diaoyu Islands, Xisha, Nansha Islands belong to China. The institute responded actively to the Philippines South China Sea arbitration case, and it took an active part in national boundaries related work as well as marine legislation and so on. Luan Jianzhang spoke highly of the work of the Institute.

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