Kick-off Meeting for the Liberal Arts Dean Forum was Held Smoothly

On May 18, kick-off meeting for the Liberal Arts Dean Forum was held. WHU Party Secretary Han Jin, Deputy Party Secretary Shen Zhuanghai, and deans of school of liberal arts attended the meeting.

Han Jin pointed out that Wuhan University has a profound philosophy and social science background and advantages over related disciplines, but in the new situation and the new era, we must face the new challenges heads-on. Shen Zhuanghai gave a detailed interpretation of the reason, mission and orientation for organizing the Liberal Arts Dean Forum, the establishment of which is to build a platform for liberal arts schools to exchange ideas and explore the development path together so as to promote overall development of the liberal arts schools and the university as a whole, it also helps to prepare the “Liberal Arts Rejuvenation Strategy Meeting”. The theme of "Liberal Arts Dean Forum" is “cultivating strategic resources and promote future projects”, focusing on indispensable elements, conditions, mechanisms and environment such as talent, landmark academic achievements, academic platforms, data resources, academic mechanisms and other aspects that are important to the development of schools, disciplines and learning.

Wuhan University, as an important base of philosophy and social sciences, took a series of effective measures to promote the prosperity and development of philosophy and social sciences. The first "Liberal Arts Dean Forum" will be held in mid-June, after that, individual schools will take turn to host it. The forum will incorporate keynote speeches, discussion and field trip, analyze competition advantages, opportunities and challenges of the liberal arts schools in academic construction, academic innovation, leading edge and service of national strategy, and realize new breakthroughs in academic circles and accelerate the promotion of liberal arts rejuvenation strategy.

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