Major Bidding Project of National Social Science Fund by Professor Zou Wei Got Examination-Free

Major Bidding Project of National Social Science Funds “Comprehensive Study of the Challenge Posed by ‘Middle Income Trap’ “, which was hosted by Professor Zou Wei, was concluded with a free pass given by the National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science leaders group.

Professor Zou Wei led the research team and conducted extensive works in theoretical research, empirical research and public policy research etc., which generated a large number of research results, and the final monograph has been completed. During the project research, the thematic research, field investigation and questionnaire survey were conducted in representative cities and counties in various provinces in China, and the research report was presented to the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and played a positive role in the decision-making of the Provincial Party Committee.

The project's research results had a positive policy effect and social reaction, many well-known portal websites have carried related special reports, and some media, CCTV included, covered the project.

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