Key Project of Ministry of Education Chaired by Professor Zhao Shiju Rated Excellent

Recently, the key research project of Ministry of Education Philosophy and Social Science "National Language Development Strategy Research under the New Situation" chaired by Professor Zhao Shiju, director of National Institute of Chinese Language Matters and Social Development, was rated excellent by the Department of Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education.

It is reported that the projectwas approved in 2010 as China's first comprehensive study of national language development strategy. Professor Zhao Shiju served as the chief expert, and other well-known scholars from institutions like the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences served as sub-project leaders. The whole project has achieved fruitful research results: it published five books, 65 academic papers in domestic and foreign journals, and submitted more than a dozen consultation reports which was instructed and adopted by the central leaders and has been transformed into decision-making. Among them, the groundbreaking workLanguage and Nation has produced a wide range of social impact. The book is highly praised by academic experts, more than 80 well-known domestic media have published book reviews or special reports. Consultation reportChina's Major Language Problems in Global Competition and Coping Strategies was selected "top ten political suggestions of 2015 China think tank research". The final research result China's Language Development Strategy Research in the Era of Globalization of Information Technology has been included in the publishing program of major research project results of the Ministry of Education.

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