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Li Yihu Lectures on Cross - Straits Relations in the New Situation

On April 15, the 175thlecture of Luojia Forum was held, and Professor Li Yihu, Dean of the Taiwan Research Institute of Peking University, gave an academic report entitled "Cross-Strait Relations and Policy Towards Taiwan in the New Situation".

Li Yihu started from the new situation, analyzed the current situation in Taiwan, and expounded on the cross-strait relations from political and economic aspects. Li Yihu also summed up the new ideas, new concepts and new discourses of General Secretary Xi Jinping's policies toward Taiwan in recent years: first, he put forward the new concept of "Chinese compatriots on both sides belong to China and the Chinese nation", second, president Xi insisted on calling on "Chinese compatriots on both sides are one family, who should realize the Chinese dream together”. The third is to combine the Taiwan reality to put forward the new narration of the "One Country, Two Systems" policy, the fourth is to build the common future of mainland and Taiwan, realize common development of cross-strait relations and oppose division of any forms.

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