Professor Zhang Yingqiang Lectures on the Development of Higher Education in the Era of Globalization

On April 1, 2017, the 16th lecture of the Yangtze River Forum was held in the academic lecture hall of the Wuhan University Educational Science Research Institute. Prof. Zhang Yingjiang from Huazhong University of Science and Technology was invited to give a lecture entitled "New Ideas and New trends on the Development of Higher Education in the Era of Globalization".

Professor Zhang Yingqiang pointed out from the international perspective of globalization that higher education should take the initiative to assume global responsibility, which is the new mission of higher education. Professor Zhang Yingqiang believed that the basic principle of the development of higher education is equal and quality access to education, which is based on the equal and global inclusion of higher education; the development of equal access to higher education; promotion of effective employment and decent work. In addition, the new connotation of the internationalization of higher education is to face the common future of mankind, to respect the cultural diversity and national sovereignty, to solve contradictions existing between the academic-oriented internationalization and purpose-oriented internationalization.

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