"Mobile Internet and China Management Innovation" Symposium was Held Smoothly

From April 7-8, the two-day "Mobile Internet and China Management Innovation" Symposium was held in Wuhan University School of Information Management, which attracted the attendance of many young scholars from a dozen of key domestic and foreign universities.

Professor Ma Feicheng, Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences of Wuhan University, presided over the theme report entitled "Digital Commerce Landscape in Asia Pacific Region" delivered by Professor Wei Guoji. Professor Wei Guiji pointed out in his report that the phenomenal growth of digital business activities in the Asia-Pacific region over the last decade demonstrated the panorama of the digital business platform; he also analyzed the drivers of digital business prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region, and analyzed the potential prospect of research topics.

Other participants also discussed and exchanged ideas on e-commerce, information technology strategy, mobile technology, virtual community, big data analysis and other related issues.

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