Professor Han Qingxiang Discusses the Core Essence of Constructing Chinese Discourse System

On April 7, Professor Han Qingxiang, Deputy Dean of Education and Director of Scientific Research of the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, was invited to give a report entitled "Building the Core Essence of the Chinese Discourse System" at the "Luojia Forum".

Professor Han Qingxiang suggested that we must speed up the construction of philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics, and build China from the perspectives of theories, ideology, and social sciences.

Professor Han Qingxiang analyzed the reasons for the lack of theoretical supply. He believes that the current Chinese philosophy and social science workers often lack comprehensive in-depth thinking of the logic of China's social development and China's problems. In the theoretical studies, there exist such tendencies like "concept without life" and "life without concept". To change this tendency, we need to build new concept, new category, new expression, new theory and new thought suited to the level of social practice in China.

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