Professor Zhao Hui Lectures on the Past and Present of Neolithic Archeology of China

On April 6, Professor Zhao Hui from the Peking University Archaeology and Museology College attended the 171stsession of "Luojia Forum" and delivered a report entitled " the Past and Present of the China Neolithic Archeology".

In the report, Professor Zhao Hui analyzed the Chinese Neolithic archeology history. Professor Zhao believes that Neolithic archeology history can be divided into two periods with the mid-1980s being the watershed. Before the 1980s, the main goal of the Neolithic archeology was to build a perfect space-time framework with material cultural relics.

Since the 1980s, with the stabilizing national conditions and opening up of the country as well as the exchange of archeology with the West, Chinese archaeological circles put forward the issue of the formation of Chinese civilization. It is also because of the guidance of this issue that the Chinese archeology gradually turn the study of material and cultural history to the study of ancient society, since then the Chinese Neolithic archeology research areas and topics become more diversified, field archeology with settlement restoration as the main purpose has also been constantly improved, and modern science began to be fully integrated into the study of archeology.

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