The Research Proposal Meeting of "Ocean Development Strategy of the World Ocean Powers" Project was Held Successfully

Recently, the research proposal meeting of the "Ocean Development Strategy of the World Ocean Powers" project (16JZD029) was held in Beijing. Professor Hu Dekun from Wuhan University serves as the chief expert of the project, which is a Key Project of Philosophy and Social Sciences Research under the Ministry of Education.

Experts believe that the definition of "Ocean Power", "Ocean Strategy of Big Power", "Ocean Development Strategy", "Marine Security Strategy" and several other important concepts should be given scientifically, only in doing so can we grasp accurately their connotation and extension, distinguish clearly between similarities and differences, and reach a consensus. Sub-project 7 "World Ocean Order Research" is a highlight of the whole project design, which aims to sort out the evolution of the world ocean order, finger out the role great powers play in the construction of the global ocean order from the perspective of global ocean governance, with the emphasis of analysing how should China participate in global ocean governance. In the sub-projects, importance will be attached to the discussion of China's view on ocean order, which means that on the basis of understanding the theory and practice of ocean order view of the western powers, we should analyze in a in-depth manner the composing elements and effects of China's ocean order view.

The project team said that the project is a basic research project which focus on the long-term history of marine civilization, and they plan to use 8 -10 years to complete the multi-volume "World History of Marine Civilization", as well as relevant archival data collection, collation, statistical calculation and compilation. In addition to the planned research results, the project team is also expected to introduce the compilation of the Vietnamese marine legal documents, the Australian marine environmental policy, Taiwan's marine policy and other monographs.

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