Cross-Strait Experts on Environmental Law Convened at Wuhan University

The Second Cross-Strait Symposium on Environmental Law was held in Wuhan University on April 17thto 18th, with the attendance of representatives from over 30 universities and the practice circle across the Taiwan Strait to strengthen exchanges by discussing theoretical and practical issues on environmental legislation.

During the session of keynote speech, Mr. Wang Xuguang briefed problems on environment and resources legislation; Mr. Lv Zhongmei, the vice president of China Association for Environment and Resources Law, highlighted inquisitional system and environmental law; Mr. Chenciyang introduced loopholes and remedies on public interest litigation of administrative proceeding in Taiwan and Mr. Wang Shuyi introduced the remit of foreign environment courts with the cases in Australia and New Zealand.

The symposium consisted of 5 sessions, with reports and discussions on “empirical research on environmental legislation”, “theoretical exploration on environmental legislation”, “new progress on Environmental Law in the context of environment legislation”, “practice of environmental litigation” and “legal responsibility” for each part. The scholars across the strait discussed the latest progress on environmental law, elaborated on the theoretical and pragmatic issues of environmental legislation and offered suggestion for improvement in this regard.

This conference, organized by China Association for Environment and Resources Law and the Collaborative Innovation Center of Judicial Civilization, sponsored by the Institute of Environmental Law and the Taiwan Research Institute of Wuhan University, was said to the first episode of ‘Luojia Forum on Environmental Law’. This forum was funded and organized by the Institute of Environmental Law. In the form of academic conference, it aims at providing a high-end platform for experts and scholars for exchanges and interaction and propelling the development of environmental legislation and the rule of law on environment. (Correspondent He Tang, Zhou Yitong)

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