Wang Xigen



Wang Xigen,deputy dean of Law School, Wuhan University, also acts as vice president of China Law Society and China Jurisprudence, and senior consultant expert in United Nations on development rights. Received awards: key funding-sponsored individual under “National Education Revitalization Action Plan”, winner of “National Hundred Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award”. He has been listed into: “National New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Plan”, National Top 10 Outstanding Young Jurists, Top 10 Outstanding Youths of Wuhan University, Top 10 Models of Teachers’ Ethics of Wuhan University, and Star Teacher of Wuhan University. He once hosted a major project of the Ministry of Education, named “The Right to Development and the Development of the Rule of Law in China” (2003-2009), and “Judicial Reform Research” (2009-2011), one of the top 10 key law research projects, and some other similar subjects totaled nearly 20. He has published nearly 20 books, and more than 100 articles in many journals, such as Chinese Journal of Law. Research areas: Jurisprudence, Human Rights Law, Judicial Reform and the Rule of Law Theory.

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