Taiwan Research Institute

Taiwan Research Institute of Wuhan University, co-founded by Hubei provincial government and Wuhan University, is an institution dedicated to academic researches and exchanges related to Taiwan.

The Institute adheres to the principle of combining theory with practice. Focusing on cross-strait relations, the major theoretical and practical issues in cooperative relations between Taiwan and Hubei. It carries out academic research and theoretical innovation, promotes peaceful development of relations and deepens exchanges and cooperation between the two provinces.

The Institute enjoys autonomy in terms of personnel, finance, scientific research and teaching. As an interdisciplinary institute focusing on scientific research, talent training and social service, it has its own premises for teaching, research and administration. Mr. FengTianyu, a famous historian and distinguished professor in humanities and social sciences of Wuhan University, chairs the Taiwan Research Institute.

The basic functions of the Institute include:

Scientific research, highlighting the cultural characteristics and carrying out academic research with a close eye on peaceful development of cross-strait relations, the major theoretical and practical issues in the cultural, economic and cooperative relations between Taiwan and Hubei;

Talents training, training professionals for relevant research, and organizing high-end talents training programs concerning the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides;

Consulting service, undertaking research projects authorized by social organizations and carrying out execution, countermeasure research and policy advisory services;

Academic exchange, organizing academic conferences and forums, building an interactive platform for research institutes, social organizations and enterprises across the straits, expanding and deepening cross-strait academic exchanges and cultural consensus.

Taiwan Research Institute has scientific research platforms such as Taiwan Research Center (a key research base in humanities and social science of higher education institutions of Hubei Province) and Education and Research Center for cross-strait Traditional Chinese Culture.

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