Fiscal and Financial Research Center

Founded in 2009, the Fiscal and Financial Research Center of Wuhan University is committed to improvingthe discipline of applied economics, boosting exchanges and integration of multi-disciplinary subjects and enhancing social services.

The Center has employed Mr Gao Qiang, the vice-chairperson of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee and the chairperson of Budgetary Affairs Commission of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, as its honorary director. Meanwhile, it has a team of eminent experts and professors on economy, philosophy, law, history as well as chief executives in charge of academic plan, research argumentation and academic management. It has adopted open-end research and maintained extensive cooperation with institutions at home and abroad. The goal of the Center is to serve as a platform, give full play to university’s rich disciplines, and promote the integration of industry, university and research so as to become a world-renowned institution.

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