Center for Studies of Media Development

The Center for Studies of Media Development, reorganized on the foundation of Journalism Research Center, Center for Studies of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan News and Haide Communication Study Center, was founded in July 2002. It was approved by the Education Ministry as a Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Science in Dec. 2004. The current director is Professor Shan Bo.

The Center holds a batch of young and middle-aged academic talents on media, including 10 full-time researchers, 22 part-time researchers on campus and 8 off campus. It has 22 professors and doctoral supervisors and 20 doctoral degree holders. There are 3 divisions, namely of media theory, media strategy and media economy.

The overall development goal of the Centeris to start from the pursuit of economic and social development, bear the blueprint for the journalism and communication discipline and launch major researches on topics geared to the demand of comprehensive development and reforms as well as the economy, development and theory of the media. We plan to increase our capacity to address pragmatic issues in media and build the Center as a leading institution and consultancy in 3 years. With optimizing discipline and following cutting-edge researches, we hope, in another 5 years, to improve our research capabilities and produce some state-of-the-art achievements, lifting our studies on media theory, media development and media economy to the high international level of excellence in another 5 years.


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