Mou Lunhai: Follow Japan’s Postwar Foreign Cultural Policy

Recently, Japans Postwar Foreign Cultural Policy: Exploration of the Reconstruction Process from 1952 to 1972, a book wrote by our young teacher Mou Lunhai from the School of History, was published by the Publications Department at Waseda University. The book was reviewed by the Waseda University Academic Review Committee, and it was made an exception and chosen as the 45th fully funded publication book of the “Waseda University Academic Books” series.

Based on a wide range of first-hand investigation and interpretation, this book explores systematically the historical trajectory of Japan's foreign cultural policy during postwar reconstruction from 1945 to 1972, and explains the historical changes of Japanese cultural influence. Generally speaking, most studies on Japan's foreign cultural policy focus on the prewar period or after 1972, little research has been done on the 1945-1972 period. It remains a major issue facing Japan’s national reconstruction that how to build a truly peaceful "cultural state", free from any interference of political and economic interests. (School of History)

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