Social Sciences in China Publishes the Social Governance Research Result of WHU


      The 2015 October issue of Social Sciences in China carries the research result on social governance of Professor Fan Ruguo from the Economics and Management School of Wuhan University, the paper is entitled Complexity Management: Engineering Paradigms and Diverse Implementation Mechanisms.




     By using the thinking of science and engineering, this paper aims to build a multidisciplinary research framework, and analyzes social complexity management, engineering paradigm and diverse social implementation mechanisms concerning social complexity management, which help to provide theoretical and intellectual support for the modernization of social governance.


         The paper points out that modern social governance is a complex social system project, which requires us to apply complexity science, engineering sciences, social governance theory and other theoretical approaches to study the nature, logic, model, mechanism and coping strategies of social governance, reveal the complexity of the relationship between the different levels of social issues, design in a systematic way the social governance programs, optimize the structure of social governance, and achieve the purpose of social governance through the implementation of complexity governance.

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