Anti-terrorism Laws Research Report Adopted by the Central Government


     The report of Professor Kang Junxin from the School of Law was adopted by the leading group of national anti-terrorism work. Recently, the leading group office sent a letter to our university and expressed their support for our work.




     Professor Kang Junxin’s report A Comparative Study of Anti-terrorism Laws across the Taiwan Strait reviews in a systematic manner the process of Taiwan's anti-terrorism legislation, and compares the anti-terrorism legislation across the Strait from six aspects, and puts forward some legislation suggestions that are of important reference value for our Anti-terrorism Act.

      In recent years, Professor Kang Junxin and his team are devoted to integrating overall national security and peaceful national reunification into our rule of law, and they have been working on “comparative study of public security prevention and control across the Strait under the non-traditional security background”, and achieved some research results.

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