Associate Professor Deng Xinming Won the Emerald / IACMR Chinese Management Research Fund Award





     "Emerald / IACMR Chinese Management Research Fund Award" was recently announced, Associate Professor Deng Xinming and team member Associate Professor Zhang Tianding as well as postgraduate student Xu Yang won the Emerald / IACMR Chinese Management Research Fund Award with their collaborative result CSR, Consumer-corporate Identification, and Consumer Responses.


    The theme of the proposal put forward by Associate Professor Deng Xinming’s team was "Corporate Social Responsibility on Consumer Response Mechanism", and it is centered around the impact of corporate social responsibility on consumers and its regulatory role in this process. This proposal believes that only if companies have a real understanding on the consumer response mechanism to corporate social responsibility, can companies carry out corporate social responsibility activities in a targeted manner, thus affecting consumer response positively.


    Emerald is a well-known international publishing house. Emerald Publishing Group has been cooperating with and International Association of Chinese Management Research (IACMR) for eight years, providing funding incentives for research projects in the field of Management Sciences in China. Emerald / IACMR Chinese Management Research Fund Award can be applied once a year. In 2014, three proposals won, with the other two from Peking University and Tsinghua University. (School of Economics and Management  Hu Shan)

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