Hubei Development Research Report 2015 Published Officially





    In September, Wuhan University Press published Hubei Development Research Report 2015, which was jointly launched by Development Research Center of Hubei Province of Wuhan University and Academy of Development of Wuhan University.


    Hubei Development Research Report 2015 is consisted of 18 research reports, including Creating New Engine of Hubei Economic Development, Research on Building a National Innovation Pilot for Hubei Province, Research on Promoting Capitalization and Industrialization of Scientific and Technological Achievements in Hubei Province, Hubei Reflux of Rural Labor Force, Hubei Province Market-oriented Mechanism of Technological Innovation, Accelerating the System Construction of New Think Tank in Hubei by Strengthening the Integration of Resources and so on. Reports were composed by scholars and experts from Wuhan University, Hubei Provincial Decision-making Support Office, Hubei Provincial People's Government Advisory Committee, the Central University for Nationalities, Hubei University, Hubei Academy of Social Sciences, Hubei Science and Technology Information Research Institute, Wuhan Science and Technology Development Promotion Center, Wuhan Optical Valley Development and Research Institute and other units. (Academy of Development)

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