Sino-US Scholars Co-edited The Ethics of Intercultural Communication





    The English academic monograph The Ethics of Intercultural Communication, which was co-edited by researcher Shan Bo from the Center for Studies of Media Development and Professor Clifford Christians from American University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, was officially published by the American Peter Lang Publishing Company.


    With the changes of new media technologies in the 21st century, the connotation of media ethics has been undergoing tremendous changes, which has raised new issues in intercultural communication ethics. Based on this, The Ethics of Intercultural Communication focuses on the new phenomenon and propositions of media ethics and intercultural communication against the backdrop of globalization and the new media. The book has 21 chapters and 5 sections, namely the comparison of Chinese and Western transmission ethics, cross-cultural conflict and cross-cultural news reports, group discourse prejudice in media coverage, intercultural competence of transnational correspondents. Scholars from countries like the United States, China, France etc. shared their research results from multiple research approaches, such as communication theory, moral philosophy, empirical research, and text analysis.  These results mainly focus on the ethical issues of Chinese and Western media culture from a comparative point of view, so as to provide a new path for East-West cultural exchanges. (Center for Studies of Media Development)

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