Academic Results Report Published Professor Liu Qiongzhi’s Research





     The 70th issue of Academic Results Report of the National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science published the advisory report Be Vigilant to Implicit Government Debt Caused by Some PPP Projects written by Professor Liu Qiongzhi from the School of Economics and Management. This report is a phased research result of "Mechanism Innovation Research of Fiscal Fund Guiding Private Capital in PPP (public-private partnerships)” (14ZDA029), which was a major project of National Social Science Fund chaired Professor Liu Qiongzhi as the chief expert.


    This Report mentioned that one important purpose of promoting PPP model is to slow down growth rate of government debt and prevent potential financial risks while promoting local public infrastructure and utilities. At the same time, the report noted that some PPP projects ran the risks of breeding implicit government debt, and analyzed realistic background behind this phenomenon. In the end, suggestions were provided: first, develop quantitative assessment system for PPP projects; second, improve a long-term budget system; third, establish a sound regulatory system. Currently, this Academic Results Report has been reported to the Party and state policy-making body for reference. (School of Economics and Management)

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