Filling the Gap in Chinese Modern Literature Research The Third Volume of Chinese New Poetry Officially Published



     Recently, the third volume of Chinese New Poetry was published by the Changjiang Literature and Art Publishing House. Chinese New Poetry • Volume III has a total of ten chapters and more than 300 thousand words. In order to carry out teacher’s unfulfilled will, students of the famous scholar Mr. Lu Yaodong in the field the Chinese New Poetry research revised and compiled the book voluntarily.


     All the three volumes of Chinese New Poetryhave a total of more than 1 million words. They are consistent in stylistic rules and layout, with each book adopting the structure of chapters as overview and sections as elaboration. These books take the evolution and transformation of Chinese New Poetry between 1930 to 1940 as the main thread, showcasing in a detailed and comprehensive way the rise and fall of different schools, genres and phenomena, revealing its inner contradictions and development rules. The books seek to present exact historical facts as well as objective and scientific evaluation with full respect for history, which demonstrate the authors’understanding of history.


      Mr. Lu Yaodongwas a Professor of College of Chinese Language and Literature when he was alive, the first and second volumes of Chinese New Poetry written by Mr. Lu were hailed as “the very first plain and heavy history” of Chinese New Poetry research by his colleagues. Mr. Lu was known as the “most industrious expert in the field of New Poetry history with the largest amount of collection, and therefore the most qualified expertto compose the history of New Poetry”. In 2010, Mr. Lu Yaodong passed away, the compilation and composition of Chinese New Poetry, an academic endeavor that took more than 30 years, temporarily halted. Since then, Mr. Lu Yaodong’s students – Song Jianhua, Wang Benchao, Li Wenping, Wang Jianzhao, Chen Wei, Xiao Ying Cheng Xuezu, Fang Changan, Chen Zhiguo, Chen Guangweiet al. shouldered the work of revising and compiling Mr. Lu’s manuscripts voluntarily.


      Professor TuXianfeng, Dean of the College of Chinese Language and Literature of Wuhan University believes that the three volumes of the Chinese New Poetry have a grand structure, detailed historical facts, exquisite narration and evaluation and rigorousstylistic rules and layout, which are unprecedented in the study of Chinese New Poetry, filling the blank of Chinese modern literature research.


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