Zhou Yezhong’s Research Program on Hong Kong and Macao SAR System CreditedExcellent



Professor Zhou Yezhong from the School of Law credited excellent from the Ministry of Education for his key program on philosophical social science. The program, entitled the Status and Function of Special Administrative Region System in National Administration System, offered for the first time a theoretical interpretation for SAR system.

Special Administrative Region system is the settlement to the problem left over by history and constitutes a crucial part of our constitution. Since the project was approved in October 2010, Zhou served as the leading expert and cooperated with dozens of his counterparts from Wuhan University, East China University of Political Science and Law, Institute of Political Science of Chinese Academy of Social Science and Guangdong University of Finance and Economics. Centering on the issues of “political and jurisprudential interpretation”, “dual structure” and the “role of SAR in national governance with Chinese characteristics”, the research team put forward a ground-breaking theoretical interpretation that the “SAR system is not only a basic political system but also a constitutional one.”

Supported by this project, the research team published almost 100 essays on journals like Journal of Political Science, Studies in Lawand Business, Law Review, many of which were reprinted by Xinhua Digest and Periodical Literatures Reprinted by Renming University of China. It also issued 10-some monographs and several strategy reports with one compiled in Experts Suggest run by the Ministry of Education. This project team also supported the publication of Doctoral Dissertations of Cross-Strait Scholars on Taiwan, HongKong, Macao law, so far 4 dissertations authored by doctors from Wuhan University, Renming University of China and some other higher learning institutions were published. They also created the first professional periodical in this field, namely the Academic Report on Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao Law, which was warmly received by the academic circle. (Correspondent Zhu Jie)

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