Chinese Social Sciences published the Research Result of ZhaoShiju



Chinese Social Sciences recently published the latest research result entitled National Language Capacity in Global Competition of professor Zhao Shiju from the College of Chinese Language and Literature of Wuhan University, also the director of the National Institute of Chinese Language Matters and Social Development.

The whole article has almost 20000 characters, against the backdrop of globalization and informationization, it elaborates the connotation, elements and scope of “national language capacity” in a comprehensive way from the strategic height of national development. By combining with the latest examples, it analyzes in an in-depth manner and with the forward-looking vision the important role of national language in the national construction, development and security in the increasingly competitive global situation. This article points out, national language capacity refers to the sum of capacity for a country to grasp and utilize language resources, provide language services, tackle language problems, develop language and language-related causes.

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