Acadamic Achievement
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The 3rd China Beijing International Language and Culture Expo (ILCE), supported by the National Language Committee, the China Foreign Languages Bureau, and the China National Commission for UNESCO and organized by the Beijing Municipal Language Commission, was held in Beijing on October 23-27. The theme of expo is “Language makes the world more harmonious and civilization more excellent”, mor...
From November 16 to 18, the "International Conference on Chinese Rural Culture Revitalization in the New Era and the 2019 CharacteristicCultural Industry Forum" was held in our University.More than 130 experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from Chinese and foreign academic circles, cultural industry and think tank institutions attended the conference. The conference was hosted by Wuhan University...
​On November 18, 2019, Zhang Longxi, Chair Professor of the Department of Chinese and History of City University of Hong Kong, Foreign Academician of the Royal Academy of Letters, History and Antiquity, Foreign Academician of the Department of Literature and Drama of the European Academy of Sciences (Academia Europaea), was employed as an honorary professor at Wuhan University and he gave a le...
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By : Yu, Fan ; Qiu, Junping ; Lou, Wen .Source : The Electronic Library. June 2014, Vol. 32 Issue 3, p341, 22 p.
By: Yan, Yalan; Zha, Xianjin; Yan, Ming ASLIB JOURNAL OF INFORMATION MANAGEMENT Volume: 66 Issue: 4 Pages: 381-400 Published: 2014
By : Li, Yinghua ; Bodin, Érika .Source : In Paleolithique moyen, L'Anthropologie November-December 2013 117(5):459-493 .
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