Acadamic Achievement
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On October 30th, Gunnar Sivertsen, Professor of the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education, Oslo, Norway and Director of the Center for Scientific Metrology and Evaluation, attended the 268thLuojia Lecture and gave a report entitled “Scientific Evaluation Issues in Humanities and Social Sciences”.Scientific evaluation must first clarify the object of evaluation. A ...
On October 28th, the unveiling ceremony of the National Research Institute of Health Medical Big Data of Wuhan University and the Health Medical Big Data Research Forum were held in Wuhan University.With the purpose of serving national strategies such as “Healthy China” and “Digital China”, the Institute aims to promote and standardize the development of health medical big data applications...
On October 26th, in the 267thLuojia Lecture, David Lawwrence McMullen, an Academician of the British Academy and a professor at the University of Cambridge, presented an academic report entitled “Public and Private in the Tang Dynasty: A Reassessment of a Problem”.Historically, the relationship between public and private has existed in many civilized societies. China has long had the concept ...
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By : Yu, Fan ; Qiu, Junping ; Lou, Wen .Source : The Electronic Library. June 2014, Vol. 32 Issue 3, p341, 22 p.
By : Li, Yinghua ; Bodin, Érika .Source : In Paleolithique moyen, L'Anthropologie November-December 2013 117(5):459-493 .
By : Wang, Xiaoguang ; Cheng, Qikai ; Lu, Wei .Source : Scientometrics. Nov 2014, Vol. 101 Issue 2, p1253, 19 p.
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