Acadamic Achievement
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In the process of China's growth as the world's second largest economy, entrepreneurship has played a key role. However, many of the current issues on entrepreneurship have not yet been resolved, entrepreneurship under the Chinese context still need more systematic and in-depth study. Thus, the Entrepreneurship & Regional Development magazine decided to launch a special issue on the theme "E...
On April 15, the 175th lecture of Luojia Forum was held, and Professor Li Yihu, Dean of the Taiwan Research Institute of Peking University, gave an academic report entitled "Cross-Strait Relations and Policy Towards Taiwan in the New Situation".Li Yihu started from the new situation, analyzed the current situation in Taiwan, and expounded on the cross-strait relations from political and econo...
On April 1, 2017, the 16th lecture of the Yangtze River Forum was held in the academic lecture hall of the Wuhan University Educational Science Research Institute. Prof. Zhang Yingjiang from Huazhong University of Science and Technology was invited to give a lecture entitled "New Ideas and New trends on the Development of Higher Education in the Era of Globalization".Professor Zhang Yingqi...
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By : Li, Yinghua ; Bodin, Érika .Source : In Paleolithique moyen, L'Anthropologie November-December 2013 117(5):459-493 .
By : Wang, Xiaoguang ; Cheng, Qikai ; Lu, Wei .Source : Scientometrics. Nov 2014, Vol. 101 Issue 2, p1253, 19 p.
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