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On the evening of October 12, 2019, Professor Li Zhongjie gave a lecture entitled "An Analysis of the Underlining Laws of Social Development and State Governance" at the 306thLuojia Lecture of Wuhan University​Professor Li Zhongjie believes that many problems in the society can be explained by the law of dynamic mechanism and balance mechanism. If social development lacks a dynamic mechanism, ...
​Recently, the Korean version of Professor Peng Fuchun'sOn the Chinese Classicsby Wuhan University was published. The English version of the book isto bepublished by the American Academic Press next year, and its German and French versions are under planning.Professor Peng Fuchun published five books, namelyOn Confucianism, Taoism and Zen, On the Chinese Classics, On Confucius, On LaoziandOn H...
On October 26, Professor John J. Mearsheimer from the University of Chicago brings an academic report entitled "the Great Delusion: Liberal Dreams and International Realities" at the 310thLuojia Lecture of the Wuhan University.Professor Mearsheimer started with important concepts such as nationalism, liberalism, and liberal hegemony, and then he analyzed why the United States pursues liberal he...
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By : Yu, Fan ; Qiu, Junping ; Lou, Wen .Source : The Electronic Library. June 2014, Vol. 32 Issue 3, p341, 22 p.
By: Yan, Yalan; Zha, Xianjin; Yan, Ming ASLIB JOURNAL OF INFORMATION MANAGEMENT Volume: 66 Issue: 4 Pages: 381-400 Published: 2014
By : Li, Yinghua ; Bodin, Érika .Source : In Paleolithique moyen, L'Anthropologie November-December 2013 117(5):459-493 .
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